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The Order of Power is an exclusive fraternal organization for Dignitaries: Aristophiles of elite intelligence, physical ability, and moral character. The Order provides training and assistance to Dignitaries for the purpose of inducting their families into the Nobility International (NI) – an Aristocratic humanitarian institution and apparatus.



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Notice: Silence Is Violence

Report hate, perverts, terrorists, and professional / corporate / political corruption to OSIC.

About The Order

The Order of Power is a beacon of perfectionment in an era overshadowed by archaic beliefs. We are a collective of upward-minded individuals who value art, science, technology, and the advancement of civilization. We also understand that feelings don’t care about facts. People can be cancelled by woke religious zealots. Thankfully, that goes both ways.

Our mission is to harness the potential of powercraft, ensuring that the cancellers become the cancelled, and the hunters are the hunted.

A Dignitary is not just a title; it’s a responsibility. These are men who have embraced the duty to champion the esteemed ideals of dynasty, community, and nobility. Dignitaries recognize a profound truth: even the most virtuous ideals will perish if their adherents – their families, communities, and comrades – are lost.

Having acquired positions of significant economic, political, and legal influence, thanks to powercraft, Dignitaries work tirelessly to ensure the continued existence of humanity and to secure a promising future for all children. 

 Ranks of Membership


  1. APPRENTICE: The journey begins here. As an Apprentice, one learns the foundational principles of the Order and the basics of powercraft.
  2. AGENT: This is where most men find their calling within the Order. The transition from Apprentice to Agent varies; for some, it’s a matter of weeks, while for others, it might take months. However, once a Dignitary completes his inaugural mission as an Agent, he earns the lifelong honor of being a Dignitary.
  3. MASTERMIND: The pinnacle of powercraft expertise. Masterminds are not just members; they are “memetic engineers“. Their unparalleled skills in powercraft make them invaluable assets, with many being actively recruited by the NI system.

Might Makes Right


If you can be silenced, you will be.

While the science of powercraft is one of the many intellectual contributions of the Noble faith, most Nobles are secular and the Order of Power welcomes Aristophiles of all backgrounds. Powercraft is the foundational skill of all Dignitaries and is central to every Apprentice’s training; real-world missions are used by Dignitaries to gain experience and hone their application of powercraft techniques. Powercraft can be thought of as the science of familial development, security, and prosperity. NI Member Families are a collective of dynastic Houses founded by Dignitaries.

Join us in our mission to champion civilization and progress, and to wield the transformative power of powercraft. It is imperative that innovators like you speak their minds. 

Why Powercraft?

Powercraft, a term coined by its passionate practitioner, is a skill that involves developing and operationalizing a family’s reputation to expand its locus of control and influence. This unique craft is rooted in the belief that being powerful is essential for defending oneself and protecting loved ones against influential individuals and false narratives.

The journey into powercraft often begins with a personal awakening, driven by a desire to shield one’s family from the repercussions of media manipulation and cancel culture. It is fueled by a recognition that power is not inherently negative but can be harnessed as a tool for self-defense and retaliation. Witnessing the fabrication of false narratives can instigate a pursuit of powercraft, as it empowers individuals to safeguard their family’s reputation and counteract such attempts effectively.

At the core of powercraft lies a fusion of innovative public relations techniques, scientific advancements, technological prowess, and artistic finesse. Powercraft practitioners leverage these elements to develop an organized dynastic house and to amplify the association between their house and intellectual contributions. Genuine intellectual input forms the foundation, creating a dependency wherein people recognize and value the thoughts and insights shared by the family. Public relations techniques then come into play, acting as an amplifier to magnify this association, while simultaneously shedding light on the misdeeds of those who pose a threat to the family’s well-being.

Distinguishing itself from propaganda, powercraft emphasizes the development of intellectual contributions, fostering a reliance on the minds of its practitioners. Unlike propaganda, which often employs deceptive tactics, powercraft focuses on genuine thought leadership and establishing a credible reputation. This approach necessitates that individuals pay heed to what powercraft practitioners have to say, recognizing their intellectual prowess and offering them the respect they deserve. By intertwining intellectual contributions with public relations techniques, powercraft practitioners ensure that their family’s influence and control expand steadily.

A notable aspect of powercraft lies in its practical applications within everyday life and various industries. While powercraft is often associated with male-male competition, it extends beyond those confines. Its reach encompasses any realm where reputation and influence are essential. In the realm of business, powercraft can yield economic growth by augmenting a brand’s standing and attracting lucrative opportunities. Furthermore, powercraft finds relevance in social and political arenas, where reputational power plays a vital role in shaping narratives and gaining a competitive edge.

Learning and mastering powercraft require a deep understanding of Social Antler theory, which emphasizes the development of one’s social antler—a metaphorical representation of memes used in male-male competition. Mastery of powercraft involves enhancing one’s formidability within this competitive landscape. However, it is important to note that the pursuit of powercraft can present challenges. One significant obstacle encountered by aspirants is the demand for intellectual acuity. Intelligence plays a crucial role in effectively wielding powercraft, as it facilitates the creation of compelling intellectual contributions and the strategic execution of public relations techniques.

Looking toward the future, powercraft holds the potential for broader adoption beyond its current practitioners. As the world evolves, it is conceivable that non-noble individuals will seek to emulate powercraft strategies. However, those at the forefront of powercraft can maintain their advantage by continuously innovating and evolving their approach. By staying ahead in terms of intellectual contributions, technological advancements, and artistic finesse, practitioners can ensure that competitors merely imitate outdated and less sophisticated elements of powercraft, while the true masters continue to push the boundaries of this craft.

In conclusion, powercraft emerges as a captivating skill, blending intellectual contributions, public relations techniques, and reputation management. It empowers individuals to protect their families from external threats and counter false narratives. While rooted in male-male competition, powercraft extends its influence to various spheres of life. Challenges exist, with intelligence serving as a crucial factor in mastering this craft. As the future unfolds, powercraft may become more widespread, but those who pioneer its development and remain at the forefront will always hold the upper hand. For those with an IQ above 130, powercraft offers an avenue to explore and utilize their capabilities effectively, ultimately shaping the trajectory of their family’s reputation and influence.



In the Western world, love is the most reactionary of impulses and family is its most forbidden fruit.

Comfort is for women and children. Struggle is for dignified men.

Embrace hardship. Reject decadence. Duty above pleasure.

The Course of Empire


All empires have one thing in common: they all decline. No exceptions.

Will your family join the elites of the New Regime or stay on a sinking ship? The choice is yours.

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