Order of Power

The Order of Power is an exclusive fraternal organization for Supermen: Aristophiles of elite intelligence, physical ability, and moral character. It is also one of the  recruitment pools of the Nobility International, an Aristocratic humanitarian institution and apparatus.


Be more than a man. Be a Superman.

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Dynasty . Community . Nobility

Notice: Silence Is Violence

Report hate, perverts, terrorists, and professional / corporate / political corruption to OSIC.

About The Order

A Superman is a man who has taken on the duty to uphold the elite ideals of dynasty, community, and nobility; these ideals are shared by the Aristophilian Ladies’ Society. Supermen understand that no matter how virtuous one’s ideals, those ideals will die when its adherents (i.e. the person’s family, community, and comrades) die.

Supermen are placed in positions of economic influence to secure the existence of humanity and a future for all children with the secret science of powercraft.

There are three ranks of membership: Apprentice, Agent, and Mastermind. Most men advance to the level of Agent, some over the course of weeks; others may accomplish this goal over months. But once a Superman fulfills his first mission as an Agent, he is a Superman for life.

The rank of Mastermind is reserved for elite experts in powercraft; Masterminds are highly sought after for induction by the Nobility International. Masterminds can be thought of as “memetic engineers“.

While the science of powercraft is one of the many intellectual contributions of the Noble faith, most Nobles are secular and the Order of Power welcomes Aristophiles of all backgrounds. Powercraft is the foundational skill of all Supermen and is central to every Apprentice’s training; a simulator is used by Supermen to gain experience and hone their application of powercraft techniques. Powercraft can be thought of as the science of “pulling puppets’ strings”; meme inception is one of the most famous powercraft techniques due to its “Hollywood-ized” sci-fi depiction in the movie Inception.

Take Control

When you become a Superman, you begin your journey towards a very rich and fulfilling lifestyle. In some ways, being a Superman is similar to being Clark Kent from the show Smallville. You will have an amazing jaw-dropping ability known as powercraft which can impact the real world and save lives; you will be privy to insider knowledge about important happenings in the world. Just like Clark Kent, it will not be wise of you to reveal yourself; in the words of the puppeteers who fund both U.S. political parties: “power is best kept in the shadows”. Why? Because you will make yourself a target of jealous disgruntled extremists.


Unlike Clark Kent, you are not alone and you are not an alien. Collectives will always out-compete individuals. You will need your comrades, and they will need you. It’s a journey of self-actualization and perfectionment.


Life is an inheritance given to you by your forefathers. Many of them bled to give you this life so that you would pass it on to your children. Your ancestors would have wanted you to secure a future for your descendants. Our ancestors are smiling at us. Can you say the same for yourself? If you are ungrateful for the grave sacrifices that gave you your life, then what were they all for? They were not for abstract ideals and certainly not for shopping malls and smartphones – it was to leave a better world behind for you. What kind of world will you leave your descendants behind? Would they appreciate what you have done with your life?


In the modern world, love is the most reactionary of impulses and family is its most forbidden fruit. 


Embrace hardship. Reject decadence. Duty above pleasure.

The Course of Empire


All empires have one thing in common: they all decline. No exceptions.

Will your family be the elites of the next state or stay on a sinking ship? The choice is yours.

The Savage State
The Savage State by Thomas Cole

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13 Colonies

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The Pastoral State
The Pastoral State by Thomas Cole

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The Pastoral State by Thomas Cole

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Consummation by Thomas Cole

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Consummation by Thomas Cole

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Destruction by Thomas Cole

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George Floyd Riots

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Desolation by Thomas Cole

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